Marley Hall BA RM Diphe – Midwife/ Class Tutor

Marley is a registered midwife who lives in Surrey with her husband and 5 children including a set of twins. She has practised midwifery in various settings throughout London and Surrey over the past 10 years covering  both the NHS and private sectors. During her time within the NHS, she has covered all aspects of midwifery care including antenatal care as a community midwife, labour and birth care on both delivery suites & birth centres and postnatal care on both the ward and in the community.

Marley also trained as a Hypnobirthing instructor with Katharine Graves back in 2011 which has helped many women achieve a calmer, happier birth.

Marley decided to use her midwifery knowledge and skills to develop the NowBaby Live online course for women who are unable to access traditional ‘face to face’  antenatal classes

To contact Marley please email her at

Amina Hatia RM – Registered Midwife/ Class Tutor

Amina is a registered midwife who lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and 4 children. Since qualifying, Amina has worked in hospital, community and home-birth settings in the NHS, private and charity sector as a midwife.  Whilst she loves all aspects of midwifery care, her passion is in antenatal education and care.  Amina has facilitated hospital and GP practice based antenatal classes and also 1-1 private classes, which include Hypnobirthing techniques following her training with the Mogan method in 2006 and then with Katharine Graves in 2016.

Amina is a passionate advocate for women and families achieving the best birth experience for them, using knowledge and empowerment gained from women centred antenatal education that covers all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Hayley McGrath RM – Registered Midwife/ Class Tutor

Hayley is a registered midwife who lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two grown up children. Hayley qualified as a midwife in 2009 and has mainly worked as a community midwife . Her role includes providing antenatal and postnatal care as well as facilitating home birth. She has taught a variety of antenatal classes since qualifying including women only, couples , refresher sessions and health promotion in pregnancy sessions.

In 2019 Hayley worked as a volunteer in Western Africa teaching skills to midwives.This was an amazing experience and something she would like to do again. She has a passion for antenatal education and values the importance of it in providing a positive birth experience to women and their birth partners.

Verity Jarvis – Customer Service Advisor

Verity is a firm part of the NowBaby team and has recently undertaken the role of customer service for NowBaby Live. If you have any queries relating to the course dates or booking, please contact her at