Guess what we’ve got for you?

We have an exclusive limited time offer for all mums to be! NowBaby Live is giving all expectant parents a FREE live labour & birth class online. That’s right totally FREE!!

You probably know by now that it is essential that you are familiar with the labour & birth process and have knowledge of practices and procedures that may occur during this momentous time. Knowledge is key in being able to make informed decisions about your birth, it also prepares you for the big day!

The Labour & Birth part 1 class will cover the following:

Am I in labour? – What is labour like? The signs of labour and the difference between early (prodromal) and established labour. We also cover knowing when to go to hospital, birth centre or when to call your midwife if having a homebirth.

Dilatation and effacement – This is a fun and educational talk and demonstration of how the cervix dilates in labour and how long the process can take.

Stages of labour & birth – We discuss all stages of labour from the contractions through to the birth of the placenta

Positions/ mobilisation – How different positions to help with labour progress

Birth partner – How your birth partner can help

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