Connect using an Android Tablet

Should you require help with any of the following please phone our Help Desk:  0333 121 0230

  • First you will need to download a small free App from ‘Go To Meeting.
  • The following link will start the installation process and allow you to test your connection to NowBaby Live.

The instructions will open in a new browser window, so that you can easily come back to this page:

Click on this link: NowBaby Live Connection Test

  1. A ‘Go To Meeting’ screen will be displayed
  2. Tap to download ‘Go to Meeting’ from the Play Store
  3. In Play Store tap ‘Install’ (This is a free app), there is no need to reinstall it. The link will connect automatically.
  4. Following installation, return to the test link above and tap on the link again
  5. A Go to Meeting screen will ask to use your microphone
  6. Tap OK
  7. Enter your First Name
  8. Tap Done
  9. Touch the camera icon to the right, it might ask you to share the camera. Tap the button.
  10. A message will ask you to allow Go to Meeting to access your camera, tap OK
  11. When you touch the camera icon you will be offered two display options:
    • All
    • Talking
  12. For the majority of the class the best option will be ‘Talking’
  13. As the Midwife will be the only one talking for most of the time she will be displayed full screen, this is also the best mode for viewing our graphics and videos.
  14. When the midwife opens the class up to questions you may want to go back to the options and select ‘All’ so that the class becomes a discussion group.
  15. Tap the main screen to hide the webcam box.
  16. The small image of your own webcam can’t be hidden but it can be moved around the screen, if you drag it to the bottom left of your screen it should not impact on the class graphics
  17. Please leave your Microphone ON, the midwife will control it during the class and it will be OFF unless you are asking a question.
  18. Feel free to use the ‘Chat’ option during the class to send the midwife a message, this is available via the people icon on the top right of the screen.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our help desk if you have any difficulty testing your connection: 0333 121 0230