Connect using a Mac Computer

Should you require help with any of the following please phone our Help Desk:  0333 121 0230


  • First you will need to download a small free App from ‘Go To Meeting.
  • If asked to choose between running Go to Meeting with or without downloading the App, always select ‘Download’
  • The following link will start the installation process and allow you to test your connection to NowBaby Live.

The instructions will open in a new browser window, so that you can easily come back to this page:

Click on this link: NowBaby Live Connection Test

  1. A ‘Go to Meeting’ screen will ask you to choose an Audio Option
  2. Click ‘Use computer audio’
  3. The application wants to use your Microphone, click ‘Allow’
  4. Choose Mic and Speakers, select ‘Default Built In’ for both

You have now completed the installation to use your browser to take part in the class, however this is a low-quality option and your interactivity will be reduced. To use the ‘Desktop’ version at better quality you will need to download a small free application from Go to Meeting.

  1. On the right-hand side of the screen, low down just below the green signal strength bars is an icon of two crossed arrows
  2. Click on the arrows to download the free Desktop application
  3. Following the download, install the application in the normal Mac way, either by double clicking on the download or by dragging the .dmg file to your applications.
  4. Following installation, you will see a screen showing the class name
  5. How would you like to listen?
  6. Click ‘Computer Audio’
  7. It will show ‘Built in Mic and Speakers
  8. Click ok

You should be able to see and hear our promotional video running, this is where the Midwife will be during the classes.

How best to view the class

  1. You can hide the control panel using the Orange and White arrow near the top.
  1. Drag the bottom right-hand corner of the main screen so that it fills your screen. Don’t click on the ‘Full Screen’ icon because this will hide some controls that you will need to use.
  1. At the top of your screen is a small icon of two people with a dropdown menu:
  • View Everyone
  • View who’s talking
  • View Presenter
  1. If the top panel showing the people icon is not available, it means that you are running the ‘Browser’ version of Go to Meeting, for the best experience please install the ‘Desktop’ App as described above.
  1. For the majority of the class the best option will be ‘View Presenter’

This will hide all the other people in the class and make the Midwife full screen, this will also be the best mode for viewing our graphics and videos.

  1. When the midwife opens the class up to questions you may want to select ‘View Everyone’ so that the class becomes a discussion group.
  1. Please leave your Microphone ON, the midwife will control it during the class and it will be OFF unless you are asking a question.
  1. Feel free to use the ‘Chat’ option during the class to send the midwife a message, this is available in the control panel.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our help desk if you have any difficulty testing your connection: 0333 121 0230